Our Products
Industrial Valves
Leveraging on our competent workforce, we design & manufacture high performance valves that are offered in different dimensions & capacities. These durable and efficient valves are normally used to agitate the contents properly so that they can be used further for different industrial applications. We have the ability to offer the product in customized configurations, on basis of clients’ requirements.
Damper Valves
Damper ValvesWe offer finest quality damper valves that are fabricated from qualitative materials. The damper valve has a throttling arrangement which permits fluid flow in one direction and limits fluid flow in the opposite direction but permits essentially unlimited fluid flow in both directions as long as the pressure difference across the damper valve is below a predetermined threshold value so as to permit unrestricted normal steering movements of the vehicle steering system. Salient features of these valves include robust construction, simple installation, high performance and less maintenance. We can also customize the product to suit clients’ definite needs.
Ball Valves
Ball ValvesWe offer different types of ball valves to our clients that find usage for oil, LPG, pneumatic & various general applications. This precision engineered product does not allow any type of contaminated particle to affect the flow of liquid. Salient features of these durable valves includes:
  • Full flow in open position
  • Full flow at ¼ turn
  • Zero pressure drop
  • Throttling across the valve
Foot Valves
Foot ValvesWe provide foot valves that are generally placed at the lower end of a suction pipe of the centrifugal pump. It prevents the suction pipe from emptying when the pump is in rest condition. Subsequently, when the pump first starts, it is not required to exhaust the air from the suction pipe. This in turn ensures that the prompt starting of the pump is secured. Foot valves are mostly useful when the suction lift or vertical height of the pipe is a significant factor. This valve can also be used for various agriculture purposes & water works purposes.
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