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Spirall Tanks

Handles Temp. of 100 C

Ideal for:
Chemicals / Dyes / Pigments / Paints / Bulk Drugs / Pharma / Food Processing / Dairies / Breweries etc. Industries.

Productivity To Profitability Batch After Batch - Year After Year

Spirall Vessels Features:

  • High Impact Strength
  • Abrasion Resistant
  • Lead Proof
  • Extrusion Welding
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Long Lasting
  • Light Weight Yet Sturdy
  • Easy to Transport and Install


A Dyes / Pigment Vessel In Operation 3.0 Meter Dia.


Vessel with PP Coil & Baffles PP Cladded Agitator


PP Claded Anchor Type Stirrer


Neutch Filter with PP Grid Plate


30,000 Ltrs. Capacity (3 M. Dia. X 4.3 M. Ht.)
Conical Bottom Vessel Installation

Install & Forget Storage Vesssels


Spirall Storage Vessels -
Top View


Conical Bottom, Lid in Two Parts Vessel with Extrusion Welding Machine and Welding Kit.


Scrubber Parts -
Grid Plate / Distant Piece


Rectangular Tanks -
Ideal for Pickling & Wire Industries


Top Half Open Vessel with Agitator Assembly

Range of Diameters - in mm

Spirall Technology, Originated and Patended by Bauku of Germany. A special Engineering Grade of PP & HDPE granules are firt Extruded into a strip of required thickness and then wound spirally and continously over a rotating pre-heated Mandrel of desired diameter to form a Homogenous seamless Shell or Pipe.

Stepwise Incease in Thickness of Shell from Top edge to Bottom edge is the high point of Spirall Technology.


Our Activity: We at Shree Fibre Glass fabricate the vessels of required capacity, from the available diameters sleeves. The Top and Bottom are jointed with extrusion Welding Machine at optimum temp and with skillful pressure.

This is how we offer, a longer lasting, trouble free vessels upto 40000 ltrs capacity, with Two Years Warantee.

So, take the full advantage of the World Best Technology and Time Tested Workmanship and install range of Vessels of your requirement.

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