SFGE makes use of the latest in fabrication techniques to produce the toughest laminate possible. The construction method combines the best features of hand layup and filament winding processes. The cross section drawing shows how SFGE tank laminates are constructed to assure maximum strength and corrosion resistance using different combination of FRP and Thermoplastic Layers

External laminate

This resin rich layer is resistant to chemicals and protects against most spills Ultraviolet stabilisers
inhibit material degradation. Several pigmented colours are available on request

Inner Resin Rich Layer

Premium grade resins like vinyl ester resin, bisphenol resin or Novolac based Epoxy etc used in surface veil and is applied on layers of chopped strand mat to form a 3 mm thick inner laminate. The SURFACE Veil and the INNER LAMINATE combined are typically called the CORROSION BARRIER. Which offers maximum resistance to a wide range of chemicals.


Inner Thermoplastic glass backed Liner

Thermoplastic glass backed sheets (PP, PPH, PVC, HOPE Etc) or engineering

fluoropolymer (PVOF, FEP, PFA. ETCFE Etc) glass backed sheets can be used in dual laminate construction depending upon chemical compatibility and temperature criteria